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Beloved Furry Companion This Summer Season

Cats and dogs have been man’s closest animal friends for centuries. They have been with us through our good times to celebrate with us, sad times to console us, lonely times to keep us company and scary times to keep guard and ensure safety. Most owners of pets are quite loving and caring towards them and give them enough love and attention. But sometimes, even the most concerned owners might find it difficult to spend enough time with their pets because of their busy schedules. Since the summer holidays tend to be a more relaxed time of the year, it might be the best chance you get to do something special for your dearest cat or dog. So how can we show some extra love to our beloved furry friends this summer? Here are a few great ideas;

1. A Salon-style Treatment to all that Fur
A fun day at the grooming salon might be a great way for you to spend some enjoyable time with your canine or feline friend. A few hours of washing, cutting, styling, trimming, blow drying and combing that beautiful coat of fur will not just be therapeutic but also quite exciting to your cat or dog. All that attention and treatment is sure to get him or her wondering what all the fuss is about, and once they start to realise that all that trouble is just for them, they are sure to feel grateful and appreciate your thoughtfulness. There are some salons that allow you to get some work done on yourself along with your pet which will allow you to join in the fun even more.

2. A Holiday Getaway and a Change of Scenery
Just like us, cats and dogs welcome a change in scenery once in a while. It will do them great good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the cramped and crowded apartments and homes and just run free or enjoy a nice long sunbath out in the open. Your will not have to go too far to find the place you are looking for. Pet accommodation is provided right here in Brisbane by reputed companies in the outskirts of the city.
Where you can enrol your beloved pal for a few days of vacation at a kennel or cattery Brisbane. You can do this on the days that you have planned a getaway for yourself this summer, so that you can spend some relaxed time while your pet does the same.

3. A Relaxing Day at the Spa
Spas and resorts for pets have become a growing trend in the last few decades, and pet owners have found that this is one of the best ways to give their cats and dogs a truly five star treatment. A nice relaxing spa day where they get a nice long soap bath, grooming session and a few massages to relieve the tension in those fuzzy feet and backs will truly make them much more calm and relaxed. Some pet owners have said that dogs that seemed to be less energetic rediscovered their stamina and enthusiasm after a spa day. Even some feline friends have shown signs of transformation and newfound curiosity after such a special and pampering treat.