Otoscope; An Ear Examiner

An ear is one of the great blessings of God which needs some care. If loud music listens for a long period of time, it can damage your ear in no time. If your child gets ear infection frequently, you can examine her at home with the help of otoscope but you should not do that if the condition is severe like swelling around the ear hole or if the blood is coming out. Do talk to your doctor before any taking any step and get some guidance on the instrument you should buy and use for such situations.

Now it gets very easy to examine an ear more thoroughly because of a very useful, simple and portable pocket device; otoscope or auriscope is easily available with the name of ‘Heini mini 3000’ in markets and online stores. With the help of it, a physician can easily see the eardrum and ear canal to identify the problem. They normally examine when you have a head injury, ear infection and punctured eardrum.

 Different parts of an australian medical supplies are; head, disposable specula, and handle. With the same purpose and small changes in technology here are some different kinds of otoscope is available in the market such as:

No-fiber optic otoscope: It has a bulb placed in the head of it to see inside the ear. It can be seen from eyepiece while examining. In this type halogen bulbs are used which needs to be replaced when required.

Fiber optic otoscope: Purpose and process is same as above one but has fiber optics attached with the perimeter of speculum which improves the visibility and clarity of ear canal.

Fiber optic LED otoscope: It provides more bright and visible view with LED illuminators and expensive than other two. It has high quality LED blub which does not need replacement over time.

Some instruction while using an otoscope

Specula came in different sizes of holes; choose one which is smaller than the ear hole.

Clean the speculum if you are not using the disposable one

Turn on the light

Gently pull the ear up and back if she is older than 12 months or pulls back only when under 12 months.

Carefully insert the speculum in ear hole and to restrain your hand from moving take support with putting your pinky finger on the cheek of the patient

You should know these cautions while examining the ear at home but make sure never do it yourself if the ear is infected or in bad condition.