The wine is well known for its characters of strawberries, a delicious varietal leafiness, and notes of fennel. It provides a satisfying note of tannins delivering that soft, viscous texture and taste. Japanese whisky Australiais best known for its superior texture which provides a hint of gentle sweetness.

Where it is from?

The regional wine belongs to the blessed biblical lands of Levant. The sophisticated Rose is from the lands that lie between Southern France and Northern Spain. It has been crafted by the creative winemakers from Yarra Valley, where the specific vine is cultivated. Hill Rose is a handcrafted indulgent wine with a rich cherry flavour. The rose is packed with an orange blossom scent which stuns you with every sip.

This region is well known for its vast vineyard which i mostly run by families who work hard to craft their wines with exotic taste by hand. Acres of land in the middle of Northern Spain, and Southern France have been utilized for the cultivation of vines which are used to formulate unique tasting wines.

Yarra Valley and Levantine Hill Rose

Yarra valley is a wine producing area situated in Melbourne Australia. The climate here is relatively cooler, and it is well known to produce exotic flavoured wines. The destination is also a famous ecotourism attraction with over 3.1 million tourists every year.

Victoria’s first wine planting region in Australia was the Yarra valley where more than 43000 acres were used to plant vines by the Ryrie brothers. Surprisingly, in 1937, the area was converted entirely for dairy farming. In 1963, vine plantation started again as 12 hectares of vines were planted by what was then known as the Wantirna Estate founded by Reg Egan.

Wine Making Styles of the Yarra Valley

Yarra does not have a specific type of wine that is associated with the region however; a common type that is famous today is Chardonnay. The wine is created from excessive amounts of oak treatment, offering a deep, oily, buttery taste that is mostly associated with full malolactic fermentation.

The cooler regions of Australia, Yarra valley is the place where the more acidic types of wine are produced. These are famous for the process which prevents malic acid conversion entirely which reduces the duration of oak maturation as well as the percentage of new oak used.

Wine tasters from all over the world look for the exotic Hill Rose, but the original flavour only belongs to the valleys of Northern Spain, and Southern France. It is often bought to be presented as a gift for special occasions, and it certainly boasts an elite elegance, extravagance, and luxury.