Slurry valves are a major need as secondary equipment that fulfills the need of apparatus necessary for slurry operation and functioning. Slurry is a thick mixture of different type of dense liquids and solids that can halt the machine working if coagulated in it. Therefore, special slurry compatible structures are required which are referred as slurry valves. Butterfly valves Australia are one such great tool that can speed up work allowances with slurries of various types and compositions. The physicality and performance ability of such valves widely differ widely from conventional valves. Knife valves are another type of slurry valves that are install with special life that is carried over when fluid is allowed to pass through it. The best quality features for these valves is that they require less space that could hardly disrupt the flow of slurry as well as the performance of processing.

Butterfly valves Australia

There are different material of butterfly valves Australia like that made up of aluminum, steel and even stainless steel. All of these may be different in homology but the functioning criteria are similar to an extent with variation only being the compatibility with nature of slurry. One effective feature related to the recruitment of butterfly valves Australia is that there is very less pressure caused loss of slurry material in case of it which is very common with traditional valves. In comparison to ball valves, the butterfly ones do not seal completely too leaving path for slurry flow active.

Butterfly valves Australia are mostly used for slurry, grease, oil, paper pulp flow while it is not capable to control gas flows through it. Lug and wafer connection along with fire protection parameters must be assessed before valve selection as it can affect the performance of valve substantially. Thus, butterfly valves are good for isolation methods and control of slurry in terms of single material product.

Type of models of knife valves

The name knife valve is given to these knife valves in australia owing to their capability to chop-off and cut media through the flow movement. The gate and sealing surface is equipped with planar platform on which straight line of slurry fluid movement is regulated. The smooth flow is not interrupted at any cost which maintain the high result potential from these valves. Most particularly knife valves are suitable for processing involved in paper and pulp applications performed in the industries.

There are basically two different types of models of knife valves which are mainly referred as EX and EB models for valves. They both function in order to assure the non-clogging of suspended solid materials in slurry but the use is different in different industrial applications.


Butterfly valves Australia are quarter valve in structure that is precise in slurry flow without interruption of blockade. While, knife valves are used in cases where chopping and cut imparted on slurry solid material is maintained with high speed movement and settling of slurry components.